The registration deadline is over; We won’t receive any requests from anyone for registration as we will proceed with further conference proceedings.


(Important: After you submit your Abstract, two reviewers will review the abstract, and if accepted you will get an acceptance letter. Then at least one co-author for each abstract needs to register in due time. Please remind that all registered Abstract will be published in the Printed hard copy of the conference Proceedings Book with ISBN number and will be online with a link. You don’t need to submit a full paper or we are not going to publish a full paper. Even if you publish your Abstract at this conference, later you can publish your that research work as a full paper elsewhere.)

  1. Submit by CMT system-  Click here for submission
  2. Before online submission, create a Microsoft CMT account, log in and then select, All conference – type to filter, search by Nano-bio and Advanced Materials Engineering.
  3. Email submission: If you can’t upload a paper or have other problems using the CMT system, you can choose to submit by sending an email to
Guidelines for Abstract Submission & Presentation

1.     Abstracts will be submitted through Microsoft CMT. It is recommended to prepare the complete text of your abstract without any figures/tables, applicable also to doc or docx file.

2.     As the organizers of NAME-2023 welcome all abstracts within the focus area of the conference, the submitted abstracts will be reviewed by experts, If necessary the conference authority might decide whether the submitted abstract will be either oral or poster presentation.

3. The abstract will be reviewed considering the Nobility & the Scientific Soundness.

4.  As the official language of this conference is English, it is recommended to submit the abstract in English & the maximum word count of abstract text will be 300 words.

5.     Presenting author’s name should be underlined.

6.   The conference committee reserves the right to delete, edit, or add keywords to achieve uniformity throughout abstract publications, before submission it’s recommended to check the sample Abstract for guidelines and format.

7.  After completion of the abstract review process, the submitting author will receive scheduling information via email. Consider that the abstracts cannot be withdrawn after receipt of the scheduling information by the submitting author. The presenting author must be registered as a participant of the conference for final scheduling and publication, (notable- If the primary author has any problem, any co-author can present the work but the co-author must have to complete the registration procedure).

8.   Accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings. The authors of the submitted abstracts are responsible for any Intellectual Property issues
concerning the abstracts on their own. The conference committee reserves the right to use submitted abstracts for conference purposes.

Presentation Format

Keynote Speaker: 25 minutes, Multimedia presentation

Oral presentation: 10 minutes, Multimedia presentation

Poster Format

Size: B0 (39.4 inch width x 55.7 inch height), Orientation: Portrait

Font size: Minimum font size should be 20

For Abstract template (Click here)